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Australia General Election: Social media capturing minds

Australia General Election: Social media capturing minds

Back at the U.K. General Election in May we spoke of how the use of social media has really spread among politicians and how political parties have really cottoned on to just how much influence social media now has. Now it seems the same effects are being noticed over in Australia where the voting in the general election occurred yesterday.

At the moment with the count not fully in, it’s looking very much as though there will be a hung parliament for the first time since 1940, but how much impact has the use of Twitter, Facebook and the like, had? An article over on NDTV points out that this election was “fought as much in the virtual world as in the real one.”

Candidates from all the major parties became engaged in the use of social media for example video- blog clips on Facebook accompanied the usual press conferences. It wasn’t just the younger politicians using it either, with 66-year-old Lesley Dewar also gaining a big following on Twitter. From a population of 22 million Australians, 9 million are on Facebook and 1 million use Twitter so the impact of the social media platform has been vast.

For more on this go to If you are interested in the use of social media in politics, you may also be interested in an article we posted yesterday about how politicians in the U.S. are using it and how the content should be more important than the quantity. Did you vote in the Australia General Election and did you notice more use of social media in this election? We’d be interested to hear your views about this so please do post us a comment.

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