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How to see your favorite Google Doodle every day

August 21, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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How to see your favorite Google Doodle every day

Every now and then Google changes the logo on its homepage to display a specially created Google Doodle, usually to celebrate a significant day, or mark the anniversary of an event, or sometimes to commemorate a famous person. Two in recent times have been one to mark the 71st anniversary of the Wizard of Oz, and a Father’s Day tribute with the word Google spelt out with pictures of ties.

Many of us wish there were special Google Doodle’s more often or have a favorite Google Doodle. Now there’s good news as if you use Firefox or Chrome you can personalize your Google homepage with your favorite Google Doodle and see it every time you go to It comes in the form of an unofficial Greasemonkey script from a Google employee, according to an article by Amy-Mae Elliott over on Mashable.

If you hit the link above you can see a guide to the simple method for doing this using a series of slides. You’ll also be able to see a few favorite Google Doodles such as Popeye or Sesame Street.

For more on this go to We’d like to know your favorite Google Doodle and why? Are you going to personalize your Google homepage so you can view it every day? Please feel free to send in your comments.

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