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Conservative MP Attacks Liberal Democrat on Twitter

August 19, 2021 | Tina Chubb


Conservative MP Attacks Liberal Democrat on Twitter

I’ve heard of celebrities insulting each other on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook before, but never politicians. However that was the case with Conservative MP James Cleverly, who recently took to Twitter to attack Liberal Democrat MP Simon Hughes.

According to a recent article at, James – Conservative deputy leader of the London Assembly - took to the popular micro-blogging site and posted a note that basically said he thought that Liberal Democrat deputy leader Simon Hughes, was a d**k.

Caroline Pidgeon – Lib Dem leader in the London Assembly – was not impressed with the tweet at all, and described it as “juvenile and abusive.” James Cleverly’s insulting tweet came just as the coalition government celebrated its hundredth day in office.

Reports claim that Cleverly was just responding to a suggestion made by Mr. Hughes, that backbench MPs should have a veto on policies from the coalition government. Mr. Cleverly is also believed to have called Hughes a fool, as well as calling the idea “bone-headed.”

Should MPs be conducting themselves this way on Twitter?

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