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Children’s Hockey Fight: Viral video at its best

August 17, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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The latest in technology is the use of viral video. This enables viewers to share the content throughout the internet on sites such as YouTube, Google Video, and Pandora tv.

When David Breitman at Spike reported on this, he watched a video titled “It’s a great day for hockey, lets drop the gloves”, from showing two small boys “JJ” and “Etnie” playing in a Miami-area hockey practice. Viewers can see one of the boys pushing the other over on the ice. The boy gets up, drops his stick, takes his gloves off to start taking part in “fisticuffs” with his opponent. They seem to be hell bent on hurting each other!

This doesn’t last long though, when the two mothers intervene. Ice-hockey is renowned for its bouts during the game and for “JJ” and “Ethnie”, perhaps this is something that they have watched their idols doing?

What do you think about this latest viral video? Are you a parent of sporting children, have you noticed them replicating their idols from the big screen? To read more on this check out Spike


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