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Verizon iPhone 4 or 5: What will it be?

August 14, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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All we seem to hear about at the moment is iPhone 4 this, iPhone 4 that. Well with an unnamed source coming to light claiming that they have been messing about with a new version of the iPhone designed for Verizon’s network, the rumor mill has got its wheels turning again.

According to Mont at Wireless the rumor has it that this new model has improved features over the AT&T’s iPhone 4. Features such as a bigger screen, faster processor and intriguingly an internal antenna, specified by Verizon. So it would appear that the new model is a lot different to the much publicised iPhone that AT&T released earlier this year.

We reported previously that Apple had stocked up on CDMA chips with the same technology that Verizon uses, we would hope that this build up is for a new device. But where will that put us? Are we seeing the start of a new device so soon? And will it be marketed as a iPhone 5? Its not reckoned that this new android will have LTE or 4G technology, Apple will want to steer clear of giving it a misleading name.

Another issue that arises is Apple’s supposed contract with AT&T that gives them bragging rights until 2012. Which would then suggest that Apple my have slipped in some sort of get out clause to deal with this sort of situation. Until the rumor is more official, we will have to wait. Maybe we will see a prototype of the Verizon iPhone. Who knows what the future holds? Is it now time that Apple finally gave us a phone on the largest network in the country?

With the iPhone 4 still in great demand, how do you think it would affect its sales if a newer model was released? Give us your comments. To read more about this check out Wireless

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