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Social Media and Churches: Modern technology for old tradition

August 14, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Online social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have taken on a whole new different meaning. With user figures constantly increasing and sites being regularly updated, this modern day technology has been incorporated into churches. It is hoped to bring its members closer together and spread their messages.

According to Kendra Bolling at andalusia star news who reported on this story, Atlanta minister “Bill Reichart” who leads the website has commented that social media should be used in three different ways, communication, connection and a call to action. Pastor of Opp’s Westview Baptist Church has said that he finds using sites such as Facebook and Twitter beneficial as it keeps members of the church up-to-date with events, recent topics on the sites can be addressed and they can be accessed for post prayer requests.

Pages have been set up on Facebook such as the page for “uplifting prayers”, this is accessible for everyone to look out even those who are not members of the FBC.

What do you think of this modern day approach for churches to be involved with social media? Give us your thoughts. To read more about this check out andalusia star news

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