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Wizard of Oz: Google Doodle Celebrates Anniversary

August 12, 2021 | Peter Chubb
Wizard of Oz: Google Doodle Celebrates Anniversary

Would you believe that Wizard of Oz is now celebrating its 71st anniversary, and Google has a special Doodle on their homepage? Not every movie makes it onto the homepage of the top search engine, but this 1939 film was and always will be something very special.

Movies are very different today, they come and go, but Wizard of Oz will be celebrated 100 years after it was released – something that cannot be said about most of the movies that come out today. It is for this reason why Google has made this special tribute.

We do not know if Google will be around in 29 years to celebrate Judy Garland’s screen performance – we do not even know what the Internet will be around in the year 2039.

The characters in Wizard of Oz are like Google in a way, as they look for certain things to try and better themselves. I know, sorry it was a poor analogy. Does Wizard of Oz deserve to be a Google Doodle on the homepage?

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