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HootSuite Like Flickr, Vimeo and Pandora: Now Freemium

HootSuite Like Flickr, Vimeo and Pandora: Now Freemium

HootSuite, a ‘Social media dashboard’ application which gives businesses the tools they need to effectively market through social networks is now working under a Freemium model. A Freemium model is where you make your product or service free to everybody and charge for the premium features.

Jolie O’Dell is reporting for Mashable saying that HootSuite has followed other websites like Pandora, Flickr and Vimeo in transitioning to the Freemium model. All customers (except those in Enterprise) will get a 30 day trial option for the Pro Plans, after which they will revert to the regular free service.

Plans start from just $5 a month, for no adverts, 10 RSS feeds and unlimited social networks ranging up to $100 a month, which gives the user unlimited social networks and RSS feeds, 8 team members, priority support and enhanced stats. For those in business, there is also an Enterprise deal which costs $1500 a month. For all the pricing plans, check out the HootSuite website.

HootSuite has said that a free version of the service will remain available to all users, and according to their own surveys, only 5% are likely to use the premium models. Do you use HootSuite? What does the service do for you? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Can I push you towards my Blog, I have written an open letter to Hootsuite.

    The issue is all about Team Members, for that functionality you need to pay… as a manager of other peoples social media, that functionality is vital… BUT it is not me that has to pay - it will be all the people who use my services, my clients.

    Not sure where Hootsuite get the 95% remain free model, but for me it will be 5% Free (only me) everyone else will have to pay…

    The loss is really Hootsuite's as it will be they that lose a lot of accounts, because there is no one to manage them.

    My Blog:

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