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Bo the Bailer: Viral Video and Facebook page


In viral video news, Bo “The Bailer” has become famous on the internet because during a Major League Baseball game between the Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves, Astros Third Baseman Chris Johnson hit a foul ball which headed in the direction of Bo and his girlfriend Sarah. Bo jumped out of the way leaving Sarah to take a direct hit from the ball.

Ben Parr over on Mashable has the full story. He says that it was all caught on tape, and then to make it even worse, the broadcasters went and interviewed him on TV. They also gave him the name “Bo the Bailer”, which I’m sure his friends will be using to torment him for years to come!

This video has become viral, and currently has over 80,000 views on YouTube. It’s also got its own Facebook page and it has been featured on SportsCenter. The video has already gotten over 80,000 views on YouTube, and the Facebook page currently has 163 like’s.

Will this video stand tall as one of the internet’s great viral videos, or will it just lie forgotten along with so many other videos? The video in question is embedded below so you can judge for yourself.

Does this video deserve to be called a viral success, or is it a boring failure? Let us know in the comments.

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