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Why do you need a Facebook page?

August 10, 2021 | Jonathan Cordes


Why do you need a Facebook page?

Most people use Facebook, and whilst to use the service, everybody has to have a Facebook Profile, not everybody has a Facebook page. A page is what companies and celebrities have. You don’t need to wait for permission to follow a Facebook page, so anybody can access it. You would use a Facebook page for things that are public, and then you can reserve the profile for the private stuff.

Alex Wilhelm over on writes about why you need a Facebook page. He says that having one puts a neat and comfortable line between your personal life and your professional work. Facebook pages are good for heavy social media users in the public eye. His first reason for having one is that there are no longer fans, you instead like a particular page. If people like your work, they will like it on Facebook.

His second reason is that it keeps gossip down, as you can keep those you know but don’t trust out of your personal life by sending them to your Facebook page and only giving them access to your profile after you get to know them.

For other tips including growing your own personal brand, having a page for your second job/hobby and just having one to keep up with the times, check out the full article over on Alternatively, follow the OnlineSocialMedia page on Facebook. Or let us know how you feel about pages in the comments.

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