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Top 9 YouTube Dancing Videos

August 10, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Top 9 YouTube Dancing Videos

YouTube, one of the largest social networking sites of today is gearing up this weekend for the theme of “Dancing”. Along with this, 9 of the best YouTube videos have been chosen. They feature people of all ages and all walks of life, from dancing children to men singing heavy metal in a parking lot!

According to Mashable they looked at the best of the best YouTube dancing videos which are: Party in the Uga-University of Georgia Orientation 2010, Little Girls dancing to Single Ladies, Weird Rave dancing, Toddler Hip Hop dance, Joe Grimes Hokey Pokey, Baby dancing to Beyonce, Darth Vader-Thriller, Tween CEO driven to Success and Heavy Metal Parking Lot.

Take a look at these videos and make your mind up who should deserve to take the number one place? Should it be the 5 girls or the cute baby dancing to Beyonce’s Track “Single Ladies”, or maybe the Toddler shaking his dance moves, chances are we will see him in years to come! Or do you think Tween CEO driven to Success, which sees an entrepreneur in Detroit teaching kids dance lessons in her pink school mobile bus rightly deserves the top spot?

What are your thoughts? Give us your comments. To check out the videos and read more about this log onto Mashable

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