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Politicians Not Using Social Media Enough or Properly

August 10, 2021 | Maddy Rowe
Politicians Not Using Social Media Enough or Properly

In Australia, it seems that their politicians still do not understand the main benefits of using social media therefore leading them to not use it enough and in the right fashion. Politicians are aware of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter but when posting or sending Tweets these are still in the form of bite sized press releases. They are unaware of the “social” part of social media and currently using these sites as just a media tool.

According to ABC, to use these networking sites can give us, the public, an insight into who’s who in the elections, what they are thinking, and therefore gives us in insight into perhaps the less famous political candidates. Take “David Barker” once a Liberal candidate, used his Facebook profile to claim that every vote against the Coalition brings Australia “closer to the brink of disaster and closer to the hands of a Muslim country”? Following on from the media’s interpretation of his comments, he was later disendorsed from the party.

Twitter has seen the lead Family First senate candidate for Queensland “Wendy Francis” tweeting to let Australian voters know her views on such topics such as “legalising gay marriage”. She went on to say that “Australia would never recover from allowing this”. This was later followed with another post which was deleted from the site.

What are your views on politicians using these websites to voice their opinions which at times could be controversial? Give us your thoughts. To read more about this check out ABC

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