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Does and Don’ts Of Social Media Marketing

Does and Don’ts Of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is where businesses advertise their products to you through social networks. However as in any industry, there are rules about what advertisers can and cannot do when marketing products to consumers.

Neil Davey writes an article for about the rules, regulations and practices that social media marketers should adhere to. The first piece of advice is to ensure that there is full disclosure from anybody you endorse, or that you stay away from endorsing people in the first place. This means that you don’t pay somebody to write a positive review, or if you do make sure that they make it clear to the viewers.

Trust between the reviewer and the person who reads the review is important, and any bias towards or against the product should be avoided wherever possible. If I know that the person who wrote the article was paid by the developer of the product to give it a positive review, I would doubt that article.

Another piece of advice is to interact with your customers through social networks. People who are following your page may ask you questions about your products, and expect you to reply to problems they have. If you just hire a PR company to run your social networks instead of having customer support staff, then when somebody needs help and you ignore them, that could lead to a PR disaster.

For more tips on marketing via social networks, check out the full article over on What tips do you have regarding social media marketing? Let us know in the comments.

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