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BlackBerry Better Choice Than iPhone or Android: Superior OS

August 10, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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For some users who are thinking of buying a smartphone, it can be a very difficult decision to make as so many devices are available on the market each offering their own unique features, carriers and call plans. For example, there’s the BlackBerry, the iPhone or Android. When looking at the new and current user base, 33% of recent purchasers have been swayed towards the BlackBerry handsets in comparison to 27% Android and 23% for the iPhone.

When Paul Carr at TechCrunch reported, he has recently purchased a BlackBerry for his own use. He has spoken of features that appeal to him when compared to other smartphones, and we have taken just a few to talk about. The first has to be the impressive operating system (OS) with superior encryption that the BlackBerry offers. Multimedia features allowing you to access your social networking sites quickly and with ease, and of course the keyboard giving you, the user, the ability to touch type whilst doing the simplest of tasks.

The tank-like appearance of the BlackBerry is a strong indication that it can withstand drops, bumps or scratches compared to the iPhone or Android. This week, reports have shown for the first time, that Android handsets have overtaken the Apple iPhones which is no surprise when 20 iPhones on 4 carriers outsold 1 phone on 1 carrier!

What do you think about this verdict? Which handset appeals to you? Give us your thoughts. To read more on this check out TechCrunch

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