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Google Me: Should Facebook worry?

Google Me: Should Facebook worry?

Google Me is the much-talked about social network due to be launched shortly from Google and we’re wondering if Facebook should be worried in any way at all about the new competition. It’s anyone’s guess how Google hasn’t already made a big name for itself in the social networking world but this latest venture seems to be the one it’s taken most seriously.

Garett Rodgers over on ZDNet makes the point that Google has tried out social networking before, for example with Orkut, but Google Me seems set to change that small amount of success as resources are being ploughed into making this attempt a major hit. It seems that Facebook are indeed taking the threat of Google Me seriously as Venture Beat says that Facebook is on “lock down,” with everybody working, including weekends for the next couple of months.

It does seem remarkable that Facebook would be worried though, with the biggest social networking site in the world, currently 500 million users and counting, surely Google Me would at least take some time to even begin to make a dent on Facebook. Let’s face it, Google’s previous escapades into the world of social networking haven’t exactly been sensations, with Orkut, Jaiku and also the infamous Google Buzz with its privacy issues.

Google will certainly have to prove with Google Me that the privacy problems it’s been dealing with recently have been overcome, if it is to have any hope of eventually competing with Facebook. For more on this go to Do you think Google Me could ever rival Facebook? Why not let us know by sending us a comment.

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