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UFC 117 Results: Silva vs Sonnen Twitter Reactions

August 8, 2021 | Peter Chubb

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UFC 117 produced some great results, but the fight that fans were waiting for was Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen. The result did not come as much surprise to most but the round-by round did, which is evident with the Twitter reactions that you can view on Google here.

The first round of the fight started with a great amount of energy Chael went in fighting from the start, while Anderson took his time trying to find perfect shots. There was a surprise when Chael landed a great hit and took Silva by surprise and left him open for a series of more hits.

The first round was one that Silva would rather forget, and reactions on Twitter proved just that. Silva makes up for the first bout by landing a great kick on his opponent, but Sonnen did not take long to change things around once again. However, his shots were starting to become reckless.

Rounds three and four offer much the same as the first two, but it is in the fifth that Silva was able to turn things around and force Sonnen to tap, the amazing thing was, there was just 1-minute and 40 seconds left. For a complete round-by-round look at the fight, Ryan McKinnell has the complete play-by-play of UFC 117 on Examiner.


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