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WikiLeaks Threated by Pentagon: Should they return documents?

WikiLeaks Threated by Pentagon: Should they return documents?

WikiLeaks, an international organisation that publishes anonymous submissions and leaks of otherwise unavailable documents has now come up against the U.S. Department of Defense. In recent news to hit the headlines, they have issued WikiLeaks with an ultimatum “return all the secret documents related to the war in Afghanistan or else”.

According to Ben Parr at Mashable, a spokesperson for The Pentagon, made it very clear to WikiLeaks that the documents have to be returned or they will find ways to “compel them to do the right thing”. WikiLeaks have made the headlines when they published more than 90,000 military reports, most of them top secret. Consequently, these reports were then seen in publications such as The New York Times and the Guardian in the UK. Last week it was reported that a security research and programmer was detained and questioned by the U.S.authorities with their involvement with the website.

At this present time, WikiLeaks do not seem to be worried about these threats, even to go as far as their Twitter account saying that the Pentagon’s threats are “obnoxious”.

What are your thoughts on this recent story. Should WikiLeaks return these documents? Give us your thoughts. To read up on this check out Mashable

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  1. This is daft. They are VIRTUAL DOCUMENTS. If the Pentagon wants them so badly, they can download a copy themselves from WikiLeaks. And if Wikileaks is forced to take the documents down, somebody else is bound to just host them elsewhere. Dear US Military, welcome to the 21st Century!

  2. I agree with Jonathan Cordes. This cannot be undone! Just like in my case "something invented 20 odd years ago cannot be re-invented again and patented now". Knowledge cannot be burried! Google have been granted a patent on the technology I developed 20 years ago. Http:// The US have no regards to world copyrights! I would like to see Wikileaks on the 'moon landings'!!

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