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Verizon iPhone Could Slowdown Android: Not much

August 6, 2021 | Maddy Rowe
Verizon iPhone Could Slowdown Android: Not much

It seems at the moment that the Android phone may take over iPhone user numbers if Apple do not get the iPhone on more carriers. In the U.S., the iPhone is currently available on just a single carrier but for Verizon to see any real difference, they need to make sure that where the Android phone is for sale, Verizon is sitting right next to it on the same network.

According to MacDailyNews, if Verizon could offer the iPhone on the same network as Android, Verizon would have no problem in selling them, we would probably see users fighting for them “tooth and nail“. Currently Apple iPhone 3GS retails at $99 and the iPhone at $199 in the U.S. with a 2-year plan. Users up until now have been purchasing the Android phone as it is the only handset available to them with similar features.

With Apple offering software and hardware devices, they need to expand their ever increasing carriers to allow them to accommodate all users.

Do you think Apple should increase their carriers to outdo Android? Give us your feedback. To read up on this check out MacDailyNews

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