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Old Spice Campaign: Two lessons Learned

Old Spice Campaign: Two lessons Learned

Chances are you’ve probably seen the awesome Old Spice advertising campaign from 2 weeks ago where Isaiah Mustafa, Old Spice’s handsome manly man, answered questions from viewers via Facebook and Twitter. It was an awesome display of manliness and advertising gold, and there are lessons to be learned from a campaign such as this.

Todd Defren writes about the Old Spice campaign for PR Squared. He says that two things occurred to him during the campaign. The first is that consumers loved the 1 to 1 interaction with the brand’s spokesman. Here consumers felt that they were involved with the character by having their questions answered and they enjoyed the well written replies they received. This kind of interaction is rarely seen in advertisement.

The second was cautionary, Defren writes that what happens in public can be derailed in public. During the campaign actress Alyssa Milano challenged Old Spice to donate $100K to help the cleanup effort in the Gulf after a conversation with the Old Spice guy over several tweets and videos, culminating in Isaiah Mustafa sending her Roses. The challenge was not answered, but if the challenge had gone viral and Old Spice not accepted, it could have done great damage to the advertising campaign.

Overall the Old Spice campaign gave viewers a new and exciting advertising campaign, and we look forward to more of these in the future. What do you think about the Old Spice campaign? Let us know in the comments.

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