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Unusual Foursquare Badges: A look back

Unusual Foursquare Badges: A look back

Since “Foursquare” launched back in 2009 users can access it on the web, their mobile and use it as a game. One of the main reasons that users get excited about the app, is the benefit of “Badges”. Users can access their friends locations, use check-ins and also earn themselves badges if they check into locations with certain tags, check-in frequency or for other patterns such as time of check-in. It is only fair to say the design of the badges since the launch date and the stories behind them has been an exciting concept.

When Erica Swallow at Mashable reported, there have been 16 badges within that time each with their own unique and yet puzzling designs. We have reported on just a few of these. Let’s start with one of the badges “The Prom King”. This was designed as a secret badge following on from a giant prom-themed party thrown back in February in Manhattan. The badge was made with a view to users checking in to that location and unlocking it, unfortunately no-one ever did as the code was not put in in time. The “Gossip Girl” badge was originally called “Socialite”. Users have been in the mind set that this badge was tag-based and related to the TV show which at times it didn’t.

Just some of the other badges include the “Karaoke RV”, “World Cup 2010”,
“Met Lover” and “Tarantino”.

Have you managed to unlock any of these badges? What would you list as your favourites? Let us know with your comments. To look at the badges check out Mashable

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