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Twitter Down: Over capacity, outage becoming common

August 5, 2021 | Peter Chubb


While trying to go on Twitter earlier I was met with the message “Twitter is over capacity.” This is becoming a common problem, and is something that the micro-blogging site is trying to solve. So why have they been experiencing this amount of downtime?

Twitter tell us that they have a team of engineers looking in to it now, but this will only be a temporary solution – what we need is a more permanent fix. It is OK Twitter telling us that they are trying to solve the issue, but that is no comfort to the millions of users trying to send a tweet or to update their profile.

However, it does seem as though Twitter has been working on this issue for a while now, and you have to understand that they have doubled their amount of tweets in just 5 months – from 10 billion to 20 billion. So maybe we should give them the benefit of the doubt? – Well not for too long.


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  1. Twitter is down hard! I rather have Facebook go down than Twitter - at least when Facebook is down, you can complain about it on Twitter.

  2. I am always curious why twitter is over capacity. When Toronto had the 5.0R earthquake, twitter was down for nearly 5 minutes. I wonder what it is right now..

  3. clobber9 says:

    I believe Twitter is working on a long term solution of scalability across all facets from software, hardware, and a data center. It is truly amazing to watch the web and blogs blow up when it goes down. I say give them a break, they are doing the best they can.

  4. i wonder why this is happening right now. and it's been like this for almost an hour now. i have nothing to do, and facebook is so boring right now

  5. toby says:

    Maybe it's a sign that we should be doing something other than sitting in front of our computers, staring at our virtual lives online :) try doing something creative - try writing a poem, draw a picture, play the piano/guitar, fix something that needs mending. I am as guilty as everyone else though, as I've been sitting, looking at the twitter website, periodically refreshing it, waiting for it to work again xD ah well, I understand people's frustration at this, but maybe there's more to life than virtual networking etc.. :D that's my thoughts anyway :)

  6. Mike says:

    my iphone app won't even load - is this due to the outge?

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