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UAE Blackberry Ban beaten by Saudi Arabia: RIM tension


We recently reported on the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as they have been looking at banning email, web-browsing and the messaging service on the BlackBerry phone in October. This comes as security issues are looked into and now it appears that neighbouring country Saudi Arabia are following in their steps. Most recently, it has been reported that Saudi Arabia are ordering its mobile operators to stop BlackBerry services from Friday throughout the kingdom this week. Following on from our last article, it looks like they are still in talks with Research In Motion (RIM) due to the way it deals with its encrypted data.

When Schreck and Erika Kinetz at Yahoo!News reported, it appears that the BlackBerry service “in its present state does not meet regulatory requirements“. Along with these far east countries mentioned, India and Bahrain are now questioning their concerns over security. The BlackBerry which is said to be popular amongst corporate types and the youth, see the phones security communication features as a way to avoid attention from the authorities.

The tension continues from RIM with claims that they have temporarily agreed on terms with China before the BlackBerry was introduced there. This has been strongly denied by RIM who have said that they work with all governments in the same professional manner and respect.

Give us your comments on this story. Do you think security should be more controlled? To read more about this check out Yahoo!News.

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