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Twitter Death Rumors: Not a trusted news source

Twitter Death Rumors: Not a trusted news source

For some time the social networking site Twitter has used its Trending Topics List to announce “celebrity deaths”. Recently, the latest victim listed on this is actor “Bill Cosby”, although last night on the CNN Larry King Live show, Cosby was “alive and kicking”. Cosby paid the show a visit to let viewers know that he was well and that Twitter can not be trusted when it comes to “so called rumors”. Unfortunately for Cosby, this is not the first time he has had to face the news of his “death” on Twitter.

When James Poniewozik at TIME reported, it appears after Cosby saw the post on Twitter, he tweeted back himself “It is no longer fun”. As Cosby pointed out, it is very difficult to find out where the source initially came from, and whether it a single source that has spread the rumor! Cosby later when on to say, “Don’t use Twitter as a news source”, he said it is better to have a reliable source that can be trusted.

Towards the end of his interview on the Larry King Show, Cosby was asked what he thinks his own death will be like, how he would like to be remembered and what are his thoughts on Hell?

To find out what he said in response to this check out TIME
With this recent outcome can you believe anything you hear on Twitter, give us your views.

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