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Old Spice Guy: Social Media Marketing at its best

Old Spice Guy: Social Media Marketing at its best

We recently reported on the new “Old Spice” campaign that has seen social media marketing step up a level. From the new video, it saw 11m views, 183 video reactions, it increased sales by 107% and users having accessibility via Twitter to ask actor Isaiah Mustafa questions to which he could reply. In turn Twitter saw 22,000 comments in 3 days.

According to Ilana Fox at new media age, this is just the beginning of future social media marketing. We could see customers forming emotional attachments to the characters and marketing agencies will want to follow suit and expand their brands. On the flipside to this, if companies advertise lifetime characters such as Mustafa, people could try to form their own attachments to specific brands and get confused with what’s real and what’s not.

Whatever agencies opinions are on this, the Old Spice campaign is a testament to what could be! It has now paved the way for future discussions and who knows what marketing campaigns will be next.

Have you seen the “Old Spice video” via YouTube? What are your thoughts on this story. To check it out log onto new media age

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