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Best Old Spice Guy Parody Video Yet

Best Old Spice Guy Parody Video Yet

We reported recently on the new sales campaign for the “Old Spice” video that can be viewed on YouTube. Sales have increased by 107%, this just proves that social networking and advertising by far work well together. What made the commercial even more entertaining was that the man that appeared in the video was then able to answer questions afterwards on Twitter.

Since users have been able to view this video, various people have decided to do their own spoofs on it. Addy Dugdale at Fast Company reported on a video from the Harold B. Lee Library named “Study like a Scholar” which has been produced at the Brigham Young University in Utah. It has cleverly depicted the script in its own special way using a guy talking about how eight out of ten dentists think that studying in a library is about a “bajillion” times more effective than studying in the shower. The video shows different screen changes with different topics.

iPhone apps have also managed to get in on the joke with an animated version that advertises a fake product but it seems that nothing will compare to the new Old Spice viral video.

Have you checked out the new Old Spice video on YouTube or seen “Study like a Scholar”? Give us your thoughts below. To read more about this check out Fast Company

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