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Wikileaks Update: Investigations intensify

Wikileaks Update: Investigations intensify

Last week, thousands of classified military documents were released onto Wikileaks by a soldier called Bradley Manning. This soldier then got into heaps of trouble and is currently awaiting trial for his crimes. Now it seems that he may have had help obtaining the software which he used to gain access to the military documents.

According to Mary Papenfuss over on, students at MIT and Boston University are under investigation as possible suppliers of the software that Manning used to gain access to the classified information. Apparently the students told a blogger called Adrian Lamo that they gave encryption software to Bradley Manning and they taught him how to use it to gain the information which was then leaked via Wikileaks.

Over the weekend the editor of Wikileaks, Jacob Applebaum was questioned by FBI agents and customs officials when he returned to the US after a trip to Europe. Investigations into the leaking of the military information is ongoing, and who knows how many people are involved with the leaking of all this data.

What do you think about Wikileaks? Is it a useful tool for whistleblowers or does it take the concept of free speech too far? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. wayne from penn says:

    you know if the common citizen committs a crime.they plaster his or her life all over the papers or news.its time for big government to own up to there crimes.i say post the info.after all our tax dollars payed for them!!!!!

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