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Facebook Growth Makes Google Less Useful

Facebook Growth Makes Google Less Useful

Facebook one of the largest social networking sites appears to be making search engine Google a little nervous. With Facebook’s ever increasing number of users, and the site being marked as a virtual addiction, obsession and an appropriate platform for socializing and business development, Google are feeling that their service is not so useful!

According to S.Dutta at Technology Digital, since Facebook’s arrival 6 years ago, it has moved from strength to strength but its apparent that even though this is the case, Google’s Orkut in India still has a slight margin above its competitors.

There was a time when Google was used to source sites across the web, but nowadays, when users log onto Facebook’s “posting of links” on the wall, it gives them the option of accessing these same sites. In relation to advertising, Facebook seem to be winning hands down over Google. Its’ not surprising, that every time a user logs onto Facebook, an advertisement is placed in front of them.

At this time, are Google Inc justified in their concerns? What are your thoughts on Facebook outdoing Google? Give us your comments below. To read more about this check out Technology Digital

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