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Expand Your Video Strategy: 6 Tools for the job

August 2, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Expand Your Video Strategy: 6 Tools for the job

For the smaller business and promotion of brands, online video appears to be the technology to promote these. Online video continues to grow and expand and is the ideal way for users to connect to the brand in the form of an image and not just written content. For users, there are a number of web services and companies around to help business owners expand and improve their services.

Christina Warren at Mashable reported on some great tools to improve this. This can be from Encoding, mDialog, Brightcove, BkipTV, Thwapr and Mogreet. This may sound confusing at first but when simplified, it will benefit the user. For some time now, users have been able to shoot and edit a video but problems may occur when trying to serve it across web browsers, mobile phones and connected devices. This is when comes into play! This service enables the user to convert and serve the video into any format. Using HTTP streaming, can make the video look and perform its best say on the iPhone or iPad.

Whilst businesses are using more online videos, mDialog, the new technological breakthrough is the HTML 5. Content can play directly on devices through a web browser, therefore taking out the need for a plugin or player like Adobe Flash. Brightcove is accessible to upload, manage and monetize online video. It gives the user the option to modify the look and feel of the player and with Brightcove it works alongside different platforms including mobile and set-top boxes.

These are some of the tool options available to expand and improve the online video! To look into this further check out Mashable. Leave us your comments on this recent news.

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