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Wikileaks and Facebook Privacy / Security: Do we care?

Wikileaks and Facebook Privacy / Security: Do we care?

This has not been a great week for our privacy and security, and this had been brought about by two of the biggest social networking service – the controversial Wikileaks and the biggest of them all, Facebook.

Most of us by now know the background behind the two issues, Wikileaks leaking 90,000 documents to do with the current Afghanistan war (more here) and Facebook user profiles appearing on a BitTorrent site (more details here). Both are very concerning but not a surprise.

Milo Yiannopoulos from the Telegraph has made a great point when she he asks “whether we care about our privacy and security or not?” Yiannopoulos discusses a horrible future where all our details and photos are considered fair game on the Internet – not certain I will want to be around to see that happen.

Milo has made her his point clear, we should say that this is it before things get truly out of hand. There are ways to counter the Facebook issue, but that means going private and could have huge implications for those who wants to be noticed, such as brands. I just wonder if we could ever stop this from happening?

Do you care about your privacy or security on the Internet?

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  1. Milo Yiannopoulos says:

    It’s “he”, actually, but thanks for the mention!


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