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Wikileaks: The Aftermath after leaked documents

Wikileaks: The Aftermath after leaked documents

You’ve probably all heard about WikiLeaks, the website that publishes leaked information and its recent publication of military documents under the title of the Afghan War Diary. There was a great deal of controversy surrounding the issue among the military, politicians and of course the public, all debating whether the site had gone too far.

An interesting article by NavySeals over on the USNavySeals Blog tells of a recent Associated Press report that gathered reactions from veteran military and intelligence experts. The fallout of the leaked military documents has led to those experts calling for tighter controls over access to such information along with more intense supervision for those at the lower echelons of intelligence operations.

People have also drawn attention to the fact that after 9/11 there were changes in the way information was shared whereby experts felt that these changes led to a greater lack of control over the “nation’s secrets.” Michael Hayden, a former CIA director, shared these concerns and said, “We all knew this was going to happen.”

In the aftermath of the leaks, among the suggestions made by intelligence experts to control information was a drive by agency chiefs to limit access to electronic portals that supply information to troops, diplomats and so on. For more on this go to Do you agree with intelligence experts who are calling for tighter controls over military information, or maybe you think openness is more important? We’d be interested to hear your views on this so why not send us a comment.

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