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Should Justin Bieber Use Foursquare?

July 30, 2021 | Daniel Chubb

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Should Justin Bieber Use Foursquare?

Justin Bieber is one of the most consistent Twitter and Facebook users, he shows the true potential of the social networking sites by opening himself up to his fans, and keeping connected in ways not possible before Twitter and Facebook.

This week saw Justin Bieber in a prison jumpsuit for his first acting gig on CSI, and as normal, he kept fans updated via social networks. Rumors about Bieber have also been crushed directly by the celebrity via Twitter and Facebook, which stops most Internet pranksters early on.

Would you follow Justin Bieber on Foursquare? By the end of 2010 Foursquare could have over three million users, but what is Foursquare? We’re sure a group of people would give many different answers to that question. The app will let your Smartphone use GPS to give location information, which helps you recommend shops, restaurants, and more.

Justin Bieber would not tell his fans where he is all the time, but he could offer his recommendations on Foursquare, and comment on places that he’s visited. Thousands of businesses and web users are joining Foursquare everyday, and sharing what they know; do you think it’s time for Justin Bieber to do the same?

How could Foursquare benefit Justin Bieber and his fans?

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