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Palmdale Fire: Facebook and Twitter Updates

July 30, 2021 | Peter Chubb

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Palmdale Fire: Facebook and Twitter Updates

The fire that is spreading west of Palmdale California is now heading towards Los Angeles County and as a result firefighters are about to begin an assertive air attack. The fire has spread out of control since it started yesterday; this has forced hundreds of residents out of their homes.

Details have been coming in faster than most news sources can cope with, but one news company is getting its news out faster than most by using their Facebook page. Once there you will be able to view live aerial footage as the fire rages out of control.

Those near the scene are going on Twitter to share their experiences as well as updates from journalists. Finding the genuine news is bit hard, but with some persistence you will find it.

A user on Twitpic has uploaded an image on the website, stating that this is the closet he has ever been to a fire like this. This just shows how important social media has become, as it makes it much easier for us to gain the reactions of those affected.

For full details read the AP article on CBC News

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