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Facebook IPO Date Delay: More users and increased sales


There had been rumors that the Facebook IPO would happen soon, but there has since been rumors that this initial public offering will not take place until 2012. There is said to be a number of reasons for this, the first is to increase Facebook users, and the second sales.

Robin Wauters from Tech Crunch says that Bloomberg has been speaking with sources close to the matter and believe that this is what CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans to do. It has been suggested that Zuckerberg is happy doing what he does without being watched by the public who would have an interest in the company once an IPO has taken place.

Facebook is not alone when it comes to wondering when a social networking company announces their IPO, LinkedIn is another. It seems that the founders of both companies will only do so when they feel the time is right.

Wauters believes that both will IPO, but not yet, and one thing is certain, when they do it will be all we can talk about for some time. An IPO date of 2012 is just a guess, this could happen before or later – I would back the latter.

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