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Toronto Argonauts Rob Murphy Fined for Twitter Comments

July 29, 2021 | Peter Chubb

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Toronto Argonauts Rob Murphy Fined for Twitter Comments

Rob Murphy has been fined by the CFL (Canadian Football League) for his comments that he posted on Twitter. The Toronto Argonauts offensive tweeted while he and the team were traveling to Montreal, and some could have took his tweets as offensive.

One of those tweets went on about the smell of the foreigners, while the other just went on about how he hated the train and wanted to get off. We are not certain if he meant anything bad, but there are those that are not happy about them.

It is for this reason why the CFL fined Murphy, it seems that they did not like this kind of humor. Mark Masters who has written an article on The Montreal Gazette reports that Murphy said that his tweets were just a joke, but do you agree?

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  1. nick61 says:

    Who cares??? Murphy is right on! T/O is infested with 3rd world immigration, and anyone who can see it, and speaks out about it is chastized by the fluoridated DUMMIEs! Anyone can criticize except white people, who if they do, are automatically "racist". TOO PATHETIC!!!

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