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Russia Bans YouTube Over Controversial Video

July 29, 2021 | Peter Chubb

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Russia Bans YouTube Over Controversial Video

We have just learned that Russia has issued a ban on YouTube for hosting an extremist video on the site. The controversial video in question is called “Russia for Russians,” and is just the latest blow for Google owned YouTube.

Getting the ban required the case to go through a court, in this case that court was located in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. This latest ruling is not the first time that YouTube has been banned in a country, at one time or another there have been issues with the online video service in China, Iran, Pakistan, and Thailand amongst others.

Jolie O’Dell from Mashable reports that the U.S. and the UK has also censored some content that appears on the site – although there has never been a complete ban of the site in those two countries.

Most of these bans are put in place because of a video that has been uploaded that shows sexual or other such extreme content. This latest ruling from Russia is different in that way that all it wants to do is protect the countries public relations. This means that they do not want their citizens subjected to any such material that could have an affect on their political views.

Do you think that Russia was right to ban YouTube?

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