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Kanye West Joins Twitter: Gives in to temptation

Kanye West Joins Twitter: Gives in to temptation

We reported to you yesterday that Kanye West had visited Facebook HQ and got on stage and performed a rap, acapella. During his performance he quoted Twitter, as it is a known fact that West was not a fan. So it seems strange that he also went to twitter on the same day and has now signed up for an account.

Kanye West is not stupid and knows that this kind of thing is great when it comes to promotion, and as there is an album due out soon – he has shown that he is a true businessman. According to Alan NG from PR News, Kanye West had 200,000 followers on just his first day.

In the past West has refused to sign up to Twitter, this was due to things that was said about him in the past, but anyone knows that the best way to advertise yourself or something that you are working on is social media – now he has Facebook and Twitter there us no stopping him.

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