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Viral Video Marketing: Providing new opportunities

Viral Video Marketing: Providing new opportunities

More and more companies have started to look at viral video marketing in a new light now; this is thanks to a certain Old Spice campaign. We knew that the brand was struggling in sales compared to other brands in the same market out there, so seeing how the power of social media can change the fortunes of Old Spice has now become a much more appealing.

The Old Spice viral campaign was not just about a couple of videos hosted on YouTube, the team behind the advertising campaign went the whole nine yards with this one. Isaiah Mustafa starred in 180 YouTube videos, which was the product of one 2010 Super Bowl ad.

Wieden+Kennedy was the company behind the campaign and as a result has now become hot property. Heidi Cohen, from ClickZ points out that they are the “2010′s viral social media success story.”

Who would ever have thought that an old fragrance would ever see its sales double through an advertising campaign? This would never happen with such a campaign on the TV, which must play on television channels minds?

The idea of a video viral campaign has now created many new opportunities, we just wonder who the next brand will be? What brand do you think will benefit from a viral advertising campaign?

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