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Social Retailing: Top 9 Retailers

July 28, 2021 | Maddy Rowe
Social Retailing: Top 9 Retailers

Social Networking giants such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are upping their user numbers by the day, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find retailers with strong metrics in the these 3 most popular platforms. The 3 networking sites are giving companies the benefits of using customer engagement and sales to form as one.

According to Joe Skorupa at RIS, there are still retailers to be found with strong metrics, including Forever 21, REI and Whole Foods. Hard data on these retail sites shows that they still have some work to do to stay in tune with what consumers are asking for. Retailers like Kroger, CVS, The Gap, Home Depot, Costco and Walgreen still have a long way to achieve even a place on this list of household names.

When RIS initially researched into the top 10 retailers, it showed that Forever 21 has at least 8 times as many Facebook fans as Home Depot, The Gap has nearly twice as many upload views on YouTube as Target, and Whole Foods has 10 times as many Twitter followers as all of these retailers put together.

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