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New Facebook Delete Account Option: Immediately not 14 days

New Facebook Delete Account Option: Immediately not 14 days

Online social networking site “Facebook” has had its fair share of positive and negative media attention over the last few months. It is hoped that the new facility currently being tested, will give users the accessibility to delete their Facebook account without a long wait of 14 days.

According to NewStatesman, Facebook is testing the new feature “delete account option” which will permanently delete a Facebook account with all the information a user has shared. Facebook have managed to stop the feature being tested within a 2-week trial period thus allowing users to delete their accounts from immediate effect.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook has tolerated much criticism over the last few months in relation to privacy settings and how information could be publicly shared. As well as this Facebook have just had to settle a hugh lawsuit due to former college students from Harvard insisting that Zuckerberg took the idea from them to set up a social networking site.

Are you a user to Facebook, have you had to delete your account due to privacy settings? To read more on this, check out NewStatesman

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