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Ford’s Social Media Marketing Campaign: Why they succeed

Ford’s Social Media Marketing Campaign: Why they succeed

Social Media marketing is a big part of today’s business world. It’s so big that business schools have seen the neccessity to train their students in how to to successfully market via social networks. A good marketing campaign can make the difference between a product success and a product failure.

According to Liana Evens over on ClickZ, Ford are currently the kings of social media marketing. She says that Ford takes what they have learned in previous campaigns and they tweak them, keeping what worked and removing what didn’t. Ford works through multiple mediums and channels to reach the largest number of people possible.

Liana lists five reasons for Ford’s success. Ford understands the audience, and they market to that particular audience. They understand that different models of car appeal to different segments of the market, and so they target the advertising of that car to that particular audience. Ford also learn from past campaigns and they learn from what worked and what did not.

Ford’s advertising is measured and goals are set so the team has focus on where they need to work towards. They also work towards engaging potential car buyers on all possible levels and they encourage engagement with the audience. To read the full article, as well as all 5 reasons in-depth, check out the article on ClickZ.

What social media marketing campaigns stick out in your mind? Which ones were the most successful? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Right, they’ve utilized various social media to assist them in reaching out to their targeted audience which is pretty amazing!

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