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Facebook Beware: Google social networking service is coming

July 28, 2021 | Peter Chubb

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Facebook Beware: Google social networking service is coming

There is no denying how big Facebook has become, and there are fears that it will become a bigger entity than Google. This is hard to believe, but if you have a look at the figures and its growth in a short amount of time – you can understand why this is.

You may wonder why Google has yet to fully embrace social media? Yes they did try with Buzz– but we all know how that turned out. Lets be honest here, if Google really wanted to pile the pressure on Facebook, they would – but anyone can see that they are not even trying.

Well that is until now, there have been a number of rumors spreading that the search engine is about to offer their own social networking service, and this will be gamming. Anyone knows that the key component to social networking success is gaming – you only have to look at Zynga’s Farmville.

Sam Diaz from ZDNet learned from WSJ of the fact that Google is set for a new online gaming service – although they are not certain when this will go live. It has been reported that Google is already in talks with a number of game developers, these include Playdom, Playfish and Zynga – yes Facebook’s buddy.

We know that Facebook has a huge reach when it comes to their games, as they have recently surpassed the 500 million-user mark. Google will have a tough start, but we have seen how popular they can be when they interact a simple game on their homepage – remember the playable Pac Man they had just recently?

Let’s hope that Facebook does not get too complacent and watches Google with their 1 billion eyeballs.

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