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Social Media Growth Forces B-schools to Add Courses

Social Media Growth Forces B-schools to Add Courses

In today’s modern world anything that can get you a step above your competition is vital. With the advent of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter comes a new revenue source, a different way to do business and make money.

Sommer Saadi at BusinessWeek is reporting that several business schools in America are now putting social media courses onto their curriculum as a way of preparing the students of today to become the social media directors of tomorrow. These courses cover internet marketing and social media strategy and they aim to teach students effective methods for making money out of social networks.

John Gallaugher, who is the associate professor of information systems at Boston College is quoted as saying “Social media skills are the ones that can set them apart. Those are the skills that employers are looking for.”

Social media skills are very important in modern business, and knowing how to effectively harness the power of these social networks can mean the difference between success and failure. It is certainly important to know how to make money from services such as Facebook and Twitter and how to advertise effectively. These classes are an example of how important these tools are.

Would you take one of these classes if you were at university? Let us know in the comments.

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