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Mac vs. PC: Most users prefer former, do you?

July 27, 2021 | Peter Chubb
Mac vs. PC: Most users prefer former, do you?

Over the years we have seen many faceoff’s with some of the top devices on the market, such as the Apple iPhone against a host of Android based smartphones. Mashable has covered many of these, but we were shocked to learn that they had not put the two heavyweight products – Mac and PC.

We all know that there are pros and cons to both products and most of it comes down to personal preference. Ben Parr thought that it would be interesting to gauge his reader’s reactions, and so created a poll.

The question was simple - Do you prefer Mac or PC? We were not shocked to see the results; Mac has over 64 percent of the votes while PC has just over 33 percent. If I were asked the same question two years ago I would have voted for PC, but since I made the transition over to Mac I have never looked back.

There were always two things holding me back from a Mac, the fear of the unknown and the price. It is no secret that Apple has always put a premium on its products, but they have lowered prices a little.

I would have never moved to Mac if it were not for my cousin keep going on about how good Apple is, yes I know that they are not perfect but once you get used to it – things seem so much simpler.

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  1. Personally I'm a PC fellow. I mostly play games on my computer as well as school work (and blog work), and whilst Steam has a Mac client, I can get more games on Steam on this PC. When I've used Mac's for video editing I've found them difficult to use and rather fustrating, but that's probably because I am used to the PC interface and I have been for many years. Personally I'm sticking with the PC as it's what I'm used to, plus it's cheaper :)

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