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Sending an Audio Tweet: List of services

July 26, 2021 | Debbie Turner
Sending an Audio Tweet: List of services

Although I’m sure most of you are fully in control of Twitter and know exactly what you’re doing, there are also a few of us…ahem…who have not long mastered the art of the 140-character Tweet. Now just to confuse us further there’s the art of the Audio Tweet to get to grips with.

Yes, there are ways to help you share the spoken word on Twitter and give messages that personal touch. An article over on Mashable by Amy-Mae Elliott, helps out by listing five services that can help you to make an audio Tweet. All are web-based solutions, all are free and all are easy…apparently.

One of the examples in the article is Once you’ve signed in with OAuth you then create a personalized page by entering your name and then off you go. It’s really simple to use the on-screen recording facility by using the mic on your computer, hitting a button and then when you’ve said your loving message, or rant, press stop. When you’re done you can preview, add text and then tweet it. Simple.

Alternatively allows you to record up to 30-minute length audios, ideal for a podcast. Other services are AudioBoo, Chirbit and ShoutoMatic and you can find much more information on all of these by reading the original article on Have you mastered the art of Audio Tweets yet? Why not let us know how you get on by sending us a comment.

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