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Justin Bieber Molests Fan Rumor Untrue

July 26, 2021 | Peter Chubb

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Justin Bieber Molests Fan Rumor Untrue

A week does not go by when we hear of a new Justin Bieber rumor, and the latest one did not even start of as a rumor, it was just down to a comment posted by a website. Since then twitter and has been on fire with fans asking if it was true that Bieber Molests Fan?

Thankfully this has been blown out of all proportion and -the 16-year-old singing sensation has just finishing filming an episode of CSI - has not done any such thing. We know just how he responds to his fans on Twitter and that he totally respects them, and rumors like this can have a huge effect on them and him.

This has not been the only Justin Bieber rumor this month; the most recent was that he had converted to Scientology.

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  1. nicolamcneill says:

    im actually sick of storys like this about him , who in there sick mind would even make a rumour up like this about him , sick & jealous people thats who! get a life and leave him alone he has feelings like everyone else , its clearly not true as stated and was only filming has part for csi i love justin bieber and always will none rumours will change that !!!!

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