iPhone 4: Free Cases or Exchange Handset?

iPhone 4: Free Cases or Exchange Handset?

Last week we reported that Apple had launched its iPhone 4 Case Program App due to the fact that there is an issue with the external antenna. We all know by now that if you hold the new fourth-generation iPhone in a certain way, then you will lose signal.

Apple knows this and has decided to offer iPhone 4 owners the chance to choose a free case or bumper to solve the issue. However, there is another way – you can choose to return your Apple smartphone for a full refund within 30 days.

Apple have been very crafty with this deal, they say that by using a case or bumper, then it will eliminate signal loss when holding the phone. The issue here is the fact that these bumpers or cases will take from three to five weeks to be delivered, by that time you would have had your iPhone 4 for more than 30 days.

Lets say you waited all that time for the bumper, only to find that it still does not stop you losing signal. That means you are still stuck with an unusable iPhone 4, as you are unable to send it back.

We have to wonder if Steve Jobs has been a bit sneaky here, or is he and his team almost certain that the covers will do the trick? I have tried a cover and do agree that you do not suffer with signal loss when holding it in any way.

However, I would like to point out that overall signal performance is nowhere near as good as my 3GS was.

Which will you choose free cases or handset exchange?

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    Another setback once again for Apple it will be interesting to see what's next in the news regarding iPhone issues (antenna, manufacturing) and their steps to refund cases won’t make up for the iPhone 4's lack of function over form.

    It's a shame to see so many issues with the iPhone 4 after so many people waited for it's release. What's more of a shame is that it seems Apple knew about some of these issues already, such as the problem with reception.

    But Apple have created such a loyal following that people may just put up with what issues there are for the sake of owning the latest Apple product.
    Personally, I'd be happier with an older iPhone - at least then the issues are all ironed out.

    However, it's also interesting to see how much excitement new technologies can bring. New technology and innovation is important for new business, illustrated by entrepreneurship grants and new business competitions like http://www.ukesnc.com.

    Guess it's not all bad!