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Facebook Safety Page: Is this latest security feature enough?

Facebook Safety Page: Is this latest security feature enough?

There’s been controversy surrounding privacy issues and safety on Facebook for some time and today it seems a leap forward has been made to address this. Today a web page has been launched on Facebook purely to promote staying safe on the Internet.

The new “Safety Page,” will concentrate on showing people exactly how they can stay Internet safe and keep their data secure, according to Joe Sullivan of Facebook in a blog. A virtual Safety Center was set up in April and its basis was a “security page,” that had over 2 million fans this Monday. The new Safety Page today supplements that virtual safety center, according to an AFP report.

Although you may have heard that Facebook users rose above 500 million last week, a fascinating statistic about this is that it means 1 in 14 people in the world are now Facebook users. The move by Facebook is sure to please people who had demanded steps to enable users to be in charge of their own personal information, but others will be wondering if the security feature is enough.

Facebook’s Joe Sullivan said, “Online safety is a shared responsibility. We’ll continue to think of innovative ways to promote safety on our service and elsewhere on the Web.” For more on this go to AFP. What do you think about Facebook’s Safety Page? We’d be interested to receive your comments on this.


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