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AT&T Survey: iPhone Users Give 73%

July 25, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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AT&T Survey: iPhone Users Give 73%

In a recent AT&T survey carried out by the Yankee Group has resulted in 73% of users giving the iPhone positive feedback. In recent months, Apple have contended with bad press in relation to antenna problems and the delayed release of the new White iPhone 4. So with this in mind, Apple must be feeling rather pleased with themselves to achieve this result.

According to Samuel Axon at Mashable, 77% of iPhone owners would buy another iPhone with 20% of people who would prefer to carry on using their Google Android smartphone . Are these recent survey results due to Apple users looking at the iPhone as a complete package, for instance the impressive interface and features, and not just looking at the problems incurred over the last few months. The results highlighted that iPhone users prefer to use AT&T’s service than other AT&T customers, and that if at any time iPhone is released on Verizon in addition to AT&T, AT&T may be looking at half of their iPhone customers relocating.

In time the tech world will be able to look at the path chosen by these users. Will they stay where they are, or will they change? Give us your comments below.

To read more about this check out Mashable.

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  1. SpokenWord says:

    I luv the States, but what happen to our country???
    So does AT&T role the States now??? So what happen
    to "We Don't Want Monopolies Running Things"??? So
    What's AT&T doing now………????????????????????

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