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Motorola Droid X Death grip like iPhone 4: Video

July 24, 2021 | Tina Chubb

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Motorola Droid X Death grip like iPhone 4: Video

After Apple held its emergency iPhone 4 press conference last week, the company posted a new smartphone antenna performance page on its website. The page highlights how several other smartphones (including the Droid X) experience similar decreases of signal to that of the iPhone 4.

The page initially features handsets from Samsung, HTC, Research in Motion (RIM) and the iPhone 3GS. According to Eric Slivka at, Apple added the Nokia N97 mini to the page earlier this week, after that company publicly responded to Apple’s claims.

They weren’t content with stopping there though, and now Apple has posted yet another smartphone signal attenuation video to its page and YouTube site. This time, it targets Motorola’s recently-released Droid X. The video apparently shows the handset dropping from 3 signal bars to zero.

As you can see by the video below this post, the person is holding the phone in a manner that is similar to the “death grip,” which was frequently cited as inducing the reception issue on the iPhone 4. What do you make of the latest video to be posted on Apple’s website?

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  1. Ryan says:

    I'm very curious as to the reproducibility of this, and somewhat skeptical on the validity of the video. After all, haven't we learned from all this that bars are somewhat bogus measurements? If apple wants people on their side, they should be showing a comparison of dB drops between devices.

    Additionally, the reason i'm questioning the video - there's no 3G icon next to the bars. Since we know almost nothing of the testing environment, it makes me wonder whether they had to find some remote location without 3G coverage to produce these results. Most verizon users will attest to having 3G coverage in any reasonably populated area for the most part.

  2. sriki says:

    ha ha ha.. Looks like video is taken is a lab envirnment having the network signal strength controlled to simulate iphone-4 issue :-)

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