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Social Networking Statistics: Numbers don’t lie

Social Networking Statistics: Numbers don’t lie

There were two interesting stories this week in the world of social networking. The first was the fact that Facebook reached a milestone with 500 million users, but on the other end of that scale was MySpace and reports of a drop in users by 49 percent.

This is proof enough that social networking will not stand around and wait for you to keep up with users demands. Facebook has made a number of mistakes along the way, but as they constantly change and offer more interaction they have been able to increase its user base.

Facebook has to be doing something right, as there is already a film being made showing how Mark Zuckerberg started up his vision all those years ago. This has to be a kick in the teeth for MySpace who has had to watch by the sidelines and see its crown taken from them.

However, they only have themselves to blame and should have read the book “Who Moved my Cheese.” They were so happy with what they had and did not presume to look to the future, which was all Facebook and the likes of Twitter needed to pounce.

Do you believe that MySpace can mount a comeback, or do you believe that the social networking site has had its day?

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